Available Upgrade Options

Part Number Description
169497 15" LED Red-Light Upgrade on Rear
169500 15" LED Clear w/Reflector-Light Upgrade on Rear
170860 Extended rear end (This allows room for Large Steps & 15" LED lights in rear on most trailers)
170861 Upgrade trailer to four LARGE STEPS with 15" LED Lights (Not applicable on all trailers)
170862 Upgrade all Marker lights to LED
133310 Upgrade 6" Oval Tail Light to LED
Back up lights
242694 Loading Bullet Lights - Clear
Steps and Fenders
1696451 Stainless steel fenders 304 grade fully polished (9" tandem) 9x66
1696371 Stainless steel fenders 304 grade fully polished (10" triple) Low profile 10x90
1696341 Stainless steel fenders 304 grade fully polished (10" tandem) Low profile 10x66
1696471 Stainless steel fenders 304 grade fully polished (9" triple)
1696401 Stainless steel fenders 304 grade fully polished (11x66 tandem)
170865 Aluminum fender step pads
170866 Billet step pads (with rubber inserts) Anodized clear, 4 small
170869 Galvanized steel tubing upgrade for saltwater applications (includes painting up to 23 feet)
182351 New 2009 "Shark Tail Rear Step"
Wheels & Tires
170874 Under carriage spare tire rack
170885 Low profile package (tandem axle)(235-60-R15 tires & 15x7 chrome wheels)
169603 Spare tire low profile (235-60-R15 on soft eight & 15x7 chrome wheels)
169601 Spare tire radial 205-75-R14 chrome mod (Goes with 169603)
18" Upgrade to KMC wheels with 285/60/R18 tire
18" Matching Spare KMC wheel with 285/60/R18 tire
17" Upgrade to KMC wheels with 285/65/R17 tire
17" Matching Spare KMC wheels with 285/65/R17 tire
Axles, Brakes & Steel Upgrades
169445 Elec. Over Hydraulic Brakes (Carlisle)
170891 Additional brakes upgrade (Disc)
Galvanized Steel Tubing Upgrades
170895 Hot dipped galvanized trailer with 2" x 5" steel frame
Paint hot dipped trailer after galvanizing 2" x 4" & 2" x 5" frames
170896 Hot dipped galvanized upgrade for 2x6 frame
Paint hot dipped trailer after galvanizing 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" frame
170900 Steel upgrade from 4" to 5"
170901 Steel upgrade from 5" to 6"
170902 Steel upgrade from 6" to 8" (non-galvanized)
"Patented" Pivit Hitch
170904 Patented Pivit Hitch™ painted (swing-away) A-60, A-75, and A-84
170906 Pivit Hitch™ A-160 (painted only) "Genesis" 26 inches long (for larger trailers)
Pivit Hitch™ A-160 (painted only) "Genesis" 36 inches long
Tie Downs and Guide Posts
176773 Stainless steel ratchet tie downs
Drive guard that swings for V-bottom boats
170912 Polished stainless steel guide post
170913 Guide post upgrade
170914 Prop guard rollers ZINC
1709191 Bow ladder for V-bottom boats
1709193 Stainless steel bow ladder for V-bottom boats
170920 Polished stainless steel bow stand
Upgrade aluminum steps to black wrinkle finish (4) medium or small steps only
Upgrade aluminum & light cans to black wrinkle finish
170924 Cat walk - aluminum up to 30'
174867 NEW Premium aluminum Fulton Jack F-2

Standard Features

Torsion Axles - Our premium torsion axles feature independent suspension for a smoother ride.

Maintenance-Free Hubs - Our Maintenance-Free Hubs eliminate the need to reapply grease, keeping your trailer’s wheels cleaner and saving you time and labor.

Chrome 14" Wheels with Radial Tires - Radial tires are proven to run cooler and last longer when compared with Bias/Crossply tires. Utilizing steel belts instead of nylon, our radial tires provide longer tread life, a wider footprint and a stronger overall construction.

Through Bolted Bunks with Stainless Steel Hardware - Using through bolts to secure our trailer bunks ensures the strongest and most reliable connection possible. Utilizing stainless steel hardware ensures your hardware won’t prematurely rust or corrode.

Tube Frame Construction - Our trailers feature a patented 10,000-pound capacity, thick 6" Tube Frame Construction, providing a stronger, smoother and more durable construction than channel frames.

Disc Brakes - Disc brakes operate at cooler temperatures than drum brakes and provide superior stopping power and are more responsive.

Aluminum Step Plates - Aluminum Step Plates offer increased traction gripping for safety and add a nice finish to the trailer’s step tops.

Bow Roller Stand with Winch - Assists with loading and/or retrieval of the boat.

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